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The Ranch House Sound Music Catalog:

Do Remember Me RH-1201 Chris Burchfield
Brilliant Conversationalist RH-1102 Danny Weeks
Can’t Stop My Heart RH-1101 Danny Weeks
Makin’ Whoopee RH-1002 Elmer Sheffield, Jr.
Heartaches RH-905 Mark Turner
Cowboy Man RH-904 Mark Turner
This Little Light Of Mine RH-903 Mark Turner
There Ain’t No Cure For Rock And Roll RH-902 Mark Turner
Everyday RH-901 Mark Turner
Headin’ West RH-802 Darryl McMillian
I’ll Dance The Two Step RH-801 Art Tangen
You Lay A Lotta Love On Me RH-706 Keith Rippeto
Glad Rags RH-705 Keith Rippeto
Diamond In The Dust RH-704 Keith Rippeto
I Can Tell By The Way You Dance RH-703 Keith Rippeto
Beautiful You RH-702 Keith Rippeto
Angeline RH-701 Keith Rippeto
Take Me To The River RH-606 Tony Oxendine,Darryl McMillan
There Ain’t No Getting Over Me RH-605 Tony Oxendine,Darryl McMillan
It Don’t Get No Better Than This RH-604 Tony Oxendine,Darryl McMillan
Oh Baby Mine RH-603 Darryl McMillan,Tony Oxendine
Sweet Desire RH-602 Darryl McMillan,Tony Oxendine
Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight RH-601 Darryl McMillan,Tony Oxendine
Hammer Head Hoedown / Pepper Pot Hoedown RH-516 PATTER
Crosscut Hoedown RH-512 Dick Waibel
Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher RH-511 Tony Oxendine
You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down RH-510 Tony Oxendine
Red Dancing Shoes RH-509 Tony Oxendine
Eight Days A Week RH-508 Tony Oxendine
What You Do To Me RH-507 Tony Oxendine
Highway 40 Blues RH-506 Tony Oxendine
I’ve Got The Music In Me RH-505 Tony Oxendine
Pretty Woman RH-504 Tony Oxendine
Back On My Mind Again RH-503 Tony Oxendine
Texas Woman RH-502 Tony Oxendine
Hitch Hike RH-501 Tony Oxendine
Ragged But Right RH-402 Johnny Walter
Sitting On Top Of The World RH-401 Johnny Walter
Super Love RH-309 Bill Terrell
Ain’t Nothin Shakin’ RH-308 Bill Terrell
Our Day Will Come RH-307 Bill Terrell
Don’t Touch That Dial RH-306 Bill Terrell
Shadows RH-305 Bill Terrell
Sweet Fantasy RH-304 Bill Terrell
Semolita RH-303 Bill Terrell
It’s Enough RH-302 Bill Terrell
Love Put A Song In My Heart RH-301 Bill Terrell
Heaven In My Woman’s Eyes RH-226 Darryl McMillan
Who, What, Where, When, Why, And How RH-224 Darryl McMillan
Do The Locomotion RH-223 Darryl McMillan
Give Back My Heart RH-222 Darryl McMillan
We Sure Are In Love RH-221 Darryl McMillan
Hearts Aren’t Made To Break RH-220 Darryl McMillan
You’re Something Special To Me RH-219 Darryl McMillan
If It Ain’t Love RH-218 Darryl McMillan
Christmas Time’s A Comin’ RH-217 Darryl McMillan
Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On RH-216 Darryl McMillan
Attitude Adjustment RH-215 Darryl McMillan
Right Or Wrong RH-214 Darryl McMillan
Making A Living RH-213 Darryl McMillan
Roses In The Snow RH-212 Darryl McMillan
Miracle Express RH-211 Darryl McMillan
Chain Gang Of Love RH-210 Darryl McMillan
If Love Is Just A Game RH-209 Darryl McMillan
Nighttime And My Baby RH-208 Darryl McMillan
Solitaire RH-207 Darryl McMillan
On The Rebound RH-206 Darryl McMillan
Last Of The Outlaws RH-205 Darryl McMillan
Sometimes, Goodtimes RH-204 Darryl McMillan
Living With The Shades Pulled Down RH-203 Darryl McMillan
San Antonio Stroll RH-202 Darryl McMillan
Movin’ On RH-201 Darryl McMillan
Happy Hoedown / R.P.M. RH-106 PATTER
Rollin’ Easy / Billy’s Banjo RH-105 PATTER
Outlaw / Breezin’ Easy RH-104 PATTER
Picker Patter / Picker Patter RH-103 PATTER
Round Up / 4 Wheel Banjo RH-102 PATTER
Sage Brush / Ranch House Ramble RH-101 PATTER

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