About Chris Burchfield


Chris Burchfield has been around square dancing all his life. Even before he could walk, his parents would take him to a dance and place him in a wind-up swing chair and turn it loose. When it stopped while the tip was in progress, someone would jump out of the square and wind that thing up again. So, yes, it is safe to say, Chris has been around square dancing all his life.

Chris’s father, Howard Burchfield, was a caller, and when he got the chance, Chris would do a singing call with his dad. At the early age of 15, Chris decided to take it a bit more serious and learn to call by himself. Howard encouraged Chris to contact Darryl McMillan, a long-time friend, who could help him get started. As they say, “The rest is history.” Chris worked very hard with Darryl for a full year, twice a week at his house.

In June of 1991 Chris booked his first dance in Montgomery, Alabama, but was not yet old enough even to drive. Fortunately, Darryl was available and drove him to the dance.

Chris has been calling for the Swinging Squares in Panama City, Florida, for over 20 years and has a caller-run club in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, called the Sand Spurs. By square dance standards, this is one of the most successful clubs in the State of Florida.

Over the years Chris has had several very positive influences on his life and his square dance calling. First, and most importantly, was his father, Howard. Then. of course, there was Darryl McMillan, Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story. Jerry Story had a great influence over Chris’s style of calling. He taught Chris that it’s not how fast you call or how difficult the program, it’s how you keep the floor excited with everything you do!


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